A sermon touching the peace and edification of the church (1638) by Edward Reynolds
A short relation of the state of the Kirk of Scotland since the reformation of religion, to the present time for information, and advertisement to our brethren in the Kirk of England, by an hearty well-wisher to both kingdomes. (1638) by Archibald Johnston
Antithesis, partim Guilielmi Amesii, partim Gisberti Voetii, de sorte Thesibus reposita (1638) by Thomas Gataker
De pace inter evangelicos procuranda sententiæ quatuor (1638) by John Dury
Generall demands concerning the late covenant (1638) by Alexander Henderson
Ianitor animæ: the soules porter, to cast out sinne, and to keepe out sinne (1638) by William Price
Immanuel (1638) by James Ussher
Meditations on the holy sacrament of the Lords last Supper (1638) by Edward Reynolds
Protestation of the noblemen, barrons, gentlemen, borrowes, ministers, and commons, subscribers of the confession of Faith and Covenant (1638) by Alexander Henderson
Reasons against the rendering of our sworne and subscribed confession of faith (1638) by Archibald Johnston
Saint Stevens last will and testament (1638) by Thomas Gataker
The answeres of some brethren of the minitserie, to the replyes of the ministers and professours of divinitie in Aberdene (1638) by Alexander Henderson
The doctrine of the Sabbath (1638) by George Walker
The excellency of a gracious spirit, delivered in a treatise vpon the 14. of Numbers, verse 24 (1638) by Jeremiah Burroughs
The happinesse of the saints in glory, or, A treatise of heaven, on Rom. 8. 18 (1638) by Thomas Goodwin
The heavenly academie (1638) by Francis Rous
Transubstantiation exploded (1638) by Daniel Featley