Secondary Sources

A Commentary on the Confession of Faith by Archibald Alexander Hodge (WCF)
A commentary on the Confession of faith: with questions for theological students and Bible classes by Archibald Alexander Hodge (WCF)
A Commentary on the Shorter Catechism by Alexander Whyte (WSC)
A Comparative Study of Covenant Theology in the Thought of John Calvin and the Westminster Confession by Kil Ho Lee (WCF)
A Comparative Study of the Small Catechism of Luther, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Westminster Shorter Catechism by Cameron David Lee Mosser (WSC)
A comparative study on the soteriology of the “Born-Again Community” in China and that of the Westminster Confession of Faith by Amos Jui-Chen Wang (WCF)
A Comparison of the Heidelberg Catechism with the Westminster Confession and the Augsburg Confession by Burrell Pennings (WCF)
A compleat body of divinity in two hundred and fifty expository lectures on the Assembly’s Shorter catechism wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are unfolded, their truth confirm’d, their excellence display’d, their usefulness improv’d: contrary errors & vices refuted and expos’d, objections answer’d, controversies settled, cases of conscience resolv’d; and a great light thereby reflected on the present age. By the reverend & learned Samuel Willard, M.A. late pastor of the South church in Boston, and vice-president of Harvard college in Cambridge, in New-England. Prefac’d by the pastors of the same church by Samuel Willard (WSC)
A Complete Body of Practical Divinity: being a new Improvement of the Assembly’s Catechism by Thomas Doolittle (WSC)
A concise system of theology by Alexander S. Paterson (WSC)
A concise system of theology: being the Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, Analyzied and Explained…With a Paper on the History and Arrangement of the Shorter Catechism, by the Rev. Duncan Macfarlan, Minister of Renfrew by Alexander S. Paterson (WSC)
A concise, poetical body of divinity, : published in three separate parts, each a pamphlet: being the Shorter catechism first agreed upon by the Rev’d Assembly of Divines, sitting at Westminster; wherein each question is turn’d into a divine hymn, in the form of a question and answer; and fitted to the several metres, and suitable to be sung in families and private meetings of societies; for the instruction of persons of all ages and capacities, to whom they are dedicated, with a view of promoting Christian knowledge, godly devotion, and real piety by Ebenezer Dayton (WSC)
A concordance to the Westminster standards by Raymond B. Dillard (WCF)
A consideration of most of the elements of public worship, as per Chapter 21 of the Westminster Confession of Faith by Andrew Quigley (WCF)
A Conversation with the Westminster Standards by John P. Burgess (WA)
A critical analysis of the sacramental theology of George Gillespie by Jerrard Case Heard (About)
A critical evaluation of part one of Anthony Burgess’ true doctrine of justification by Paul D. Wolfe (About)
A critical investigation concerning the biblical and theological basis for the threefold division of the law with particular reference to the Westminster Confession of Faith formulation of that division by Philip Sutherland Ross (WCF)
A critical text of the Westminster Larger Catechism [1] Q. 1-50 by Christopher Coldwell (WLC)
A day at the Westminster Assembly: justification and the minutes of a post-Reformation synod by Chad B. Van Dixhoorn (WA)