A Commentary on the Shorter Catechism by Alexander Whyte (WSC) – Added December 16, 2021
A Complete Body of Practical Divinity: being a new Improvement of the Assembly’s Catechism by Thomas Doolittle (WSC) – Added December 16, 2021
A concise system of theology by Alexander S. Paterson (WSC) – Added December 15, 2020
A concise system of theology: being the Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, Analyzied and Explained…With a Paper on the History and Arrangement of the Shorter Catechism, by the Rev. Duncan Macfarlan, Minister of Renfrew by Alexander S. Paterson (WSC) – Added December 16, 2021
A concise, poetical body of divinity, : published in three separate parts, each a pamphlet: being the Shorter catechism first agreed upon by the Rev’d Assembly of Divines, sitting at Westminster; wherein each question is turn’d into a divine hymn, in the form of a question and answer; and fitted to the several metres, and suitable to be sung in families and private meetings of societies; for the instruction of persons of all ages and capacities, to whom they are dedicated, with a view of promoting Christian knowledge, godly devotion, and real piety by Ebenezer Dayton (WSC) – Added December 16, 2021
A concordance to the Westminster standards by Raymond B. Dillard (WCF) – Added December 16, 2021
A Conversation with the Westminster Standards by John P. Burgess (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
A defence of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the General Synod of Ulster in reply to a pamphlet by the Rev. J. Carlile, Dublin, on the use and abuse of creeds and confessions by J. Carmichael (WCF) – Added December 16, 2021
A directory for the publique worship of God, throughout the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland : together with an ordinance of parliament for the taking away of the Book of Common-Prayer and for establishing and observing of this present directory throughout the Kingdom of England, and dominion of Wales : with propositions concerning church government and ordination of ministers by Henry Roborough (DPW) – Added December 16, 2021
A draught of an overture, prepared and published by a committee of the Associate Reformed Synod for the purpose of illustrating and defending the doctrines of the Westminster Confession of faith, according to an appointment of said synod by Robert Annan (WCF) – Added December 16, 2021