A discourse in commemoration of the bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly: preached to the congregation of the Presbyterian Church, Petersburg, Virginia, on Sabbath morning, July 2, 1843 : together with a discourse on predestination, preached to the same congregation, Sabbath morning, June 18th, 1843 by John Leyburn (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
Address from the committee of Synod to the office-bearers and members of the Presbyterian church of Canada on the subject of the commemoration of the Westminster assembly by Presbyterian Church of Canada and Church of Scotland (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
Bicentenary of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster by William Symington (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
Commemoration of the bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly of Divines: and of the centenary of the Reformed Presbytery, at Glasgow, July 4, 5, 6, 1843, by the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland by Reformed Presbyterian Church (Scotland) (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines by William M. Hetherington (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
Millenarianism tried by the standards of the Westminster assembly of divines: being a statement presented to the Presbytery of New York, at their meeting, November 22d, 1842 by John Lillie (WCF) – Added December 16, 2021
The children’s catechism; or, A help to the more easy understanding of the doctrines taught in the Westminster confession of faith by John Muckarise (WCF) – Added December 16, 2021
The fight of afflictions of our fathers; a sermon on the bi-centenary of the Westminster assembly, preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth-town, July 9th, 1843 by Nicholas Murray (WA) – Added December 16, 2021
The scripturality and consistency of the Westminster Confession of Faith carefully examined … With reasons for not acquiescing in establishing systems of theology by William Emerson (WCF) – Added December 16, 2021