Secondary Sources ~ The Westminster Shorter Catechism

A Short Explanation of the Shorter Catechism. Being the substance of some late Explanations of the same Catechism. With some Variations and Additions. By one that desires to promote Christian knowledge, as the way to life Eternal by Samuel Angier (WSC)
A Vindication of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism Revis’d: containing an Answer to the Remarkes made upon it. Particular Reasons for the Alterations, with a Proper Reply to Mr. David Ree’s Free and Sober Enquiry by James Strong (WSC)
Adoption: an Underdeveloped Heritage of the Westminster Standards by Douglas F. Kelly (WCF, WLC, WSC)
An Address to Protestant Dissenters: or, an Inquiry into the Grounds of their Attachment to the Assemblies Catechism; whether they act upon Bigotry or Reason: being a Calm and Fair Examination of the Sixth Answer in the Assemblies Lesser Catechism. By a Protestant Dissenter by Samuel Bourn (WSC)
An essay towards an easy, plain, practical, and extensive explication of the Assembly’s Shorter catechism by John Brown (WSC)
An example of plain catechising, upon the Assembly’s Shorter catechism : humbly offered as an help for instructing the young and ignorant in the knowledge of the principles and duties of the Christian religion, with the grounds thereof, and that in a very comprehensive manner ; with a preface briefly demonstrating the truth of the Christian religion and the unreasonableness of infidelity by John Willison (WSC)
An Exhaustive Concordance to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms and Index to the Scripture Proofs by (WCF, WLC, WSC)
An explanation of the Assembly of Divines Shorter catechism: being the substance of some late explanations of the same catechism. With some variations and additions; for the help of children by (WSC)
An Explanation of the Shorter Catechism by Gavin Struthers (WSC)
An explanation of the shorter catechism composed by the assembly of divines at Westminster, 1647: with a plan and familiar method of instructing the younger sort in that catechism by Thomas Lye (WSC)