Secondary Sources ~ The Westminster Confession of Faith

A Comparison of the Heidelberg Catechism with the Westminster Confession and the Augsburg Confession by Burrell Pennings (WCF)
A concordance to the Westminster standards by Raymond B. Dillard (WCF)
A consideration of most of the elements of public worship, as per Chapter 21 of the Westminster Confession of Faith by Andrew Quigley (WCF)
A critical investigation concerning the biblical and theological basis for the threefold division of the law with particular reference to the Westminster Confession of Faith formulation of that division by Philip Sutherland Ross (WCF)
A defence of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the General Synod of Ulster in reply to a pamphlet by the Rev. J. Carlile, Dublin, on the use and abuse of creeds and confessions by J. Carmichael (WCF)
A defense of the tripartite understanding of the law articulated in The Westminster Confession by Louis Igou Hodges (WCF)
A draught of an overture, prepared and published by a committee of the Associate Reformed Synod for the purpose of illustrating and defending the doctrines of the Westminster Confession of faith, according to an appointment of said synod by Robert Annan (WCF)
A Guide to the Westminster Confession by John H. Gerstner (WCF)
A guide to the Westminster confession of faith and larger catechism: with scripture proofs by James Edward Bordwine (WCF, WLC)
A historical and comparative study of the first and second London Baptist Confessions of Faith with reference to the Westminster and Savoy Confessions by Barry Hamlin Howson (WCF)