Secondary Sources ~ The Westminster Assembly

The everyday work of the Westminster Assembly by Robert H. Nichols (WA)
The Everyday Work of the Westminster Assembly. By SW Carruthers. With a Foreword by Thos. C. Pears, jr. (Philadelphia: Presbyterian Historical Societies of America and of England. 1943. Pp. xi, 210. $2.50.) by Wilbur C. Abbott (WA)
The Everyday Work of the Westminster Assembly. With a Foreward by Thos. C. Pears, Jr. by S. W. Carruthers (WA)
The Failure of Accommodation: Religious Conflicts Between Presbyterians and Independents in the Westminster Assembly 1643-1646 by Rosemary D. Bradley (WA)
The Faith Once Delivered: Essays in Honor of Dr. Wayne R. Spear by Anthony T. Selvaggio (WA)
The fight of afflictions of our fathers; a sermon on the bi-centenary of the Westminster assembly, preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth-town, July 9th, 1843 by Nicholas Murray (WA)
The Five Dissenting Brethren: A Study on the Dutch Background of Their Independentism by Berndt Gustafsoon (WA)
The Genesis of the Westminster Assembly: or, a brief history of events and circumstances which occasioned the calling of that venerable assembly of divines: a centennial offering to the Sabbath-schools and youth of the Presbyterian Church by Franklin Patton (WA)
The Historical Background of the Westminster Assembly by Theo. Hoyer (WA)
The History of the Later Puritans: From the Opening of the Civil War in 1642 to the Ejection of the Non-Conforming Clergy in 1662 by J. B. Marsden (WA)