Vox Hibernæ

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Vox Hibernæ [sic] or rather the voyce of the Lord from Ireland: a sermon preached in Saint Peters Church at Westminster, before divers of the Right Honorable, the Lords of the upper House in the High Court of Parliament, on the last publike fast day, being Wednesday the 22th. of December. 1641. VVherein the miserable estate of the kingdome of Ireland at this present is laid open, and the people and kingdome of England, earnestlie exhorted to turne to almighty God by true repentance least the same iudgements or worse fall upon us. By the laborious and reverend Doctor Iames Vsher Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland

City of Publication
for Iohn Nicolson, under Saint Martins Church within Ludgate, 1642.
Year Published
Thomason, E.132[32]; ESTC Citation R19731
[16] p.; 4⁰.
Scripture Text
Luke 13:5
Date Preached
December 22, 1641