The true informer, or Monthly mercury

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The true informer, or Monthly mercury. Being the certain intelligence of Mercurius militaris or The armies scout, from Tuesday October 7th, to Tuesday November 8th 1648. Communicating from all parts of England, Scotland and Ireland, all marshall enterprises, designes and successes; and particularly the actions, humours and qualities of the Army under the command of his Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax. / Corrected and revised by the author, at the earnest request of many wel-affected persons.

City of Publication
Printed for Josiah White, in the year, 1648.
Year Published
Nelson and Seccombe, 631; Williams, J. B. History of English journalism, p. 241; Thomason / E.526[28]; ESTC Citation P1064
1 v. ; 24cm. (4⁰)
Date Preached
October 10, 1648