The riches of Gods love unto the vessells of mercy

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The riches of Gods love unto the vessells of mercy, consistent with his absolute hatred or reprobation of the vessells of wrath. Or an ansvver unto a book entituled Gods love unto mankind, manifested by disproving his absolute decree for their damnation. In tvvo bookes the first being a refutation of the said booke, as it was presented in manuscript by Mr Hord unto Sir Nath: Rich. The second being an examination of certain passages inserted into M. Hords discourse,(formerly answered) by an author that conceales his name, but was supposed to be Mr Mason, rector of Andrews-Undershaft in London. By that great and famous light of Gods Church, William Twisse D.D. ... Whereunto are annexed two tractates of the same author in answer unto D.H. ... ; together with a vindication of D. Twisse from the exceptions of Mr John Goodwin in his Redemption redeemed. By Henry Jeanes Minister of God's word, in Chedzoy.

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printed by L[eonard]. L[ichfield]. and H[enry]. H[ills]. printers to the University, for Tho: Robinson, anno Salutis M.DC.LIII. [1653]
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Wing (CD-Rom, 1996), T3423; Madan, III, 2236; ESTC Citation R12334
[14], 295 [i.e. 299], [3], 262 p.; 2⁰.