The light of faith: and, way of holinesse

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The light of faith: and, way of holinesse. Shewing what to belieue, and for what to striue together, earnestly contend, and suffer for in this contending age. And how to liue in all estates, conditions, and degrees of relation, according to this faith. In both, deliuerin (as neere as might be, in the life of Scripture phrase:) only things necessary, as we meane to be saued, and auoiding vtterly things arbitrary, that distract, rather then direct a Christian. Collected out of holy Scripture by an vnworthy labourer in Gods vineyard, Richard Bifield pastor in Long-Ditton, in Surrey.

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Printed by T[homas] H[arper] for Ph. Stephens, and Ch. Meredith, 1630.
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STC (2nd ed.), 4239; ESTC Citation S107158
[26], 444, [4] p.; 12⁰.