The harmony, chronicle and order of the New-Testament

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The harmony, chronicle and order of the New-Testament. The text of the four evangelists methodized. Story of the acts of the apostles analyzed. Order of the epistles manifested. Times of the revelation observed. All illustrated, with variety of observations upon the chiefest difficulties textuall & talmudicall: for clearing of their sense and language. With an additionall discourse concerning the fall of Jerusalem and the condition of the Jews in that land afterward. By John Lightfoot D.D.

City of Publication
printed by A[braham]. M[iller]. for Simon Miller at the Starre in St Pauls Church-yard, M.DC.LV. [1655]
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), L2057; ESTC Citation R21604
[16], 195, [1] p.; 2⁰.
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Matthew; Mark; Luke: John; Acts