The downfal of old common-counsel-men

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The downfal of old common-counsel-men. Being their great repulse at Guild-Hall last Friday by the committee, who extruded the old out of their corrupted offices, and elected new in their places. First, shewing their manifold corruptions, and unequall taxations, which they imposed chiefly on their poor parishioners, and connived on the rich, which hath been too common an abuse used by them. Then exactly describing, how they oftentimes robbed the poore of their due,and detaining the charity of other men from them, have put it up in their own purses. Lastly, shewing the manner of their arreignment at Guild-Hall, with the cause of their downfall, and the others vprising. Composed by Iohn Bond, scribimus, & scriptis consumiter igne libellus.

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printed for T.H., MDCXLJ. [1641, i.e. 1642]
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), B3576; Thomason, E.132[33]; ESTC Citation R206521
[8] p.; 4⁰.