The dead saint speaking, to saints and sinners living

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The dead saint speaking, to saints and sinners living: in severall treatises. Viz. The sinfulness and greatest evill that is in sin, on 2 Sam. 24.10. Loves of Christ to his spouse, on Cant. 4.9. Nature and royalties of faith, on John 3.15. Slowness of heart to beleeve, on John 1.50. Cause, signes and cure of hypocrisie, with motives[,] helps[,] to sincerity, on Isaiah 58.2. Wonderfull workings of God for his church and people, on Exod. 15.11. Never before published. By Samuel Bolton, D.D. Late Mr. of Christ Colledge in Cambridge. Prepared for the presse by himself, during life.

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printed by Robert Ibbitson for Thomas Parkhurst, and are to be sold at his shop at the three Crowns, over against the Great Conduit in Cheapside, 1657.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), B3518; ESTC Citation R7007
[34], 96, [2] 41-420, [2] p.; 2⁰.