The Christians daily walke in holy securitie and peace

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The Christians daily walke in holy securitie and peace. Being an answer to these questions, 1. How a man may doe each present dayes worke, with Christian chearefulnesse? 2. How to beare each present dayes crosse with Christian patience? Containing familiar directions shewing. 1. How to walke with God in the whole course of a mans life. 2. How to be vpright in the said walking. 3. How to liue without taking care or thought in anything. 4. How to get and keepe true peace with God; wherein are manifold helpes to prevent and remove damnable presumption: also to quiet and to ease distressed consciences. The first three intended onely, for priuate vse; but now (through importunity) with the fourth, published for the common good. By Henry Scudder preacher of the word.

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Printed by I. D[awson] for William Sheffard, and are to be sould at his shop in the entrance in of Popes head Alley, out of Lumbard streete, 1627.
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STC (2nd ed.), 22115.5, ESTC Citation S100495
[10], 372; 294, [22] p.; 12⁰.