Tentations. The sixth edition

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Tentations: their nature, danger, cure. By Richard Capel, sometimes fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford. The sixth edition. The fourth part left enlarged by the author, and now there is added his remains to the work of Tentations. To which thou hast prefixed an abridgement of the authours life, by Valentine Marshall of Elmore in Glocester-shire.

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London : printed by Tho. Ratcliffe, for John Bartlet, long since living in the Goldsmiths-row in Cheap-side, at the Gilt Cup, since at St. Austines-Gate, now in the new buildings on the south-side of Pauls, near St. Austines-gate, at the sign of the Gilt Cup, and at the Gilt Cup in Westminster Hall over against the Upper Bench, 1659.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed., 1994) C475; ESTC Citation R8538
[28], 275, [3], 267-387, [5]; [16], 125, 226-298, [2]; [48], 118, [2] p.; 8⁰.