Six books of late controversie in defence of the Church of England

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Six books of late controversie in defence of the Church of England. All in two volumes. In the first. Viz 1. Vindication of the dissertations concerning episcopacie from the answers of the London ministers. 2. A reply to the Catholike gentlemans answer to the book of schisme. With an account of H.T. his Appendix to his Manual of controversies. 3. The disarmers dexterities examined in a second defence of the treatise of Schisme. In the second. 4. An answer to the animadversions on the dissertations touching Ignatius’s epistles and episcopacies. With a second defence of Hugo Grotius appendant to it. 5. An account of Mr. Cawdryes triplex diatribe, concerning superstition, will-worship, and Christmass festival. 6. Baptizing of infants defended from the exceptions of Mr. Tombes. By H. Hammond, D.D.

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printed [by J[ohn]. G[rismond]. and J[ames]. Flesher] for Richard Royston, in Ivy lane, 1656.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), H604; ESTC Citation R217447
[10], 191, [1]; [2], 185, [1]; [4], 74, 81-303, [1]; [2], 219, [1]; [2], 17, [1]; [16], 265 [i.e. 295], [1]; [2], 108, [12] p.; 4⁰.