Sabbatum redivivum. Part 1

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Sabbatum redivivum: or The Christian sabbath vindicated; in a full discourse concerning the sabbath, and the Lords day. Wherein, whatsoever hath been written of late for, or against the Christian sabbath, is exactly, but modestly examined: and the perpetuity of a sabbath deduced, from grounds of nature, and religious reason. By Daniel Cawdrey, and Herbert Palmer: members of the Assembly of Divines. Divided into foure parts. 1. Of the decalogue in generall, and other laws of God, together with the relation of time to religion. 2. Of the fourth commandement of the decalogue in speciall. 3. Of the old sabbath, 4. Of the Lords day, in particular. The first part.

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Herbert Palmer
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printed by Robert White, for Thomas Vnderhill, and are to be sold at the signe of the Bible in Woodstreete, 1645.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed., 1994), C1634; Thomason, E.280[3]; ESTC Citation R200035
[14], 368 [i.e. 384] p.; 4⁰.