Primary Sources

A most true and succinct relation of the late battell neere Kineton in Warwick-shire (1642) by Stephen Marshall
A most useful collection of the principal sermons of Christ, with his prophets & apostles, which is the greatest light in the world (1675) by John Wallis
A most vvorthy speech (1642) by Robert Rich
A most worthy speech spoken in the Honourable House of Commons, by Sir Beniamin Rudyard (1642) by Benjamin Rudyerd
A motion tending to the pvblick good of this age and of posteritie (1642) by John Dury
A motive to peace and love (1649) by Humphrey Chambers
A needful corrective or ballance in popular government (1659) by Henry Vane, Jr.
A new discouery of personal tithes (1625) by Cornelius Burges
A pack of old Puritans (1650) by John Dury
A parænesis. Or, Seasonable exhortatory to all true sons of the Church of England (1656) by Henry Hammond
A parallel or briefe comparison of the liturgie with the masse-book, the breviarie, the ceremoniall, and other romish ritualls (1641) by Robert Baillie
A parallel: of new-old Pelagiarminian error. (1626) by Daniel Featley
A paraphrase and annotations upon the books of the Psalms (1659) by Henry Hammond
A paraphrase, and annotations upon all the books of the New Testament (1653) by Henry Hammond
A patterne for all (1658) by Edmund Calamy
A patterne of pietie (1640) by John Ley
A payre of compasses for church and state (1642) by Charles Herle
A peace-maker without partiality and hypocrisie (1648) by John Dury
A peace-offering to God. A sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons (1641) by Stephen Marshall
A peaceable and temperate plea for Pauls presbyterie in Scotland (1642) by Samuel Rutherford