Primary Sources

A copy of Mr. John Duries letter presented in Sweden to the truly noble and religious Lord Forbes (1643) by John Dury
A copy of some papers past at Oxford (1647) by Francis Cheynell
A copy of some papers past at Oxford (1647) by Henry Hammond
A crown of life, the reward of faithfulnesse (1662) by William Spurstowe
A debate concerning the English liturgy, both as established in & as abolished out of the worship of God (1656) by John Ley
A declaration of His Excellency Robert E. of Warwick Lord High Admirall of England, concerning the uniting of the two navies, and restoring of the Kings Majesty, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and the rest of the royall issue to their just rights and privledges (1648) by Robert Rich
A declaration of John Durie, a minister of Jesus Christ to witness the gospell of peace (1660) by John Dury
A declaration of the Marquesse of Argyle, with the rest of the Lords, and others of the Estates of the kingdom of Scotland, concerning the Kings Maiesty, and the treaty; and their desires to the Parliament of England (1648) by Archibald Campbell
A defence of infant-baptism: in answer to two treatises, and an appendix to them concerning it (1646) by Stephen Marshall
A defence of the Royal Society, and the Philosophical transactions, particularly those of July, 1670. (1678) by John Wallis
A defence of the true sence and meaning of the words of the Holy Apostle Rom. chap. 4. ver. 3. 5. 9 (1641) by George Walker
A defense of infant-baptism (1697) by John Wallis
A defense of the Christian Sabbath (1692) by John Wallis
A defense of the Christian Sabbath. Part the first. (1693) by John Wallis
A defense of the Christian Sabbath. Part the second. (1694) by John Wallis
A demonstration of the day of judgment, against atheists & hereticks (1657) by Anthony Burgess
A demonstration of the necessity of settling some Gospel-government amongst the churches of Christ in this nation (1654) by John Dury
A discours apologetical; wherein Lilies lewd and lowd lies in his Merlin or Pasqil for the yeer 1654. are cleerly laid open (1654) by Thomas Gataker
A discourse concerning Puritans (1641) by John Ley
A discourse of disputations chiefly concerning matters of religion (1658) by John Ley