Living loves betwixt Christ and dying Christians; The second edition

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Living loves betwixt Christ and dying Christians. A sermon preached at M. Magdalene Bermondsey in Southwark, near London, June 6. 1654. At the funeral of that faithful servant of Christ Mr. Jeremiah Whitaker, Minister of the Gospel, and Pastor of the church there. With narrative of his exemplarly life and death. By Simeon Ashe, his much endeared friend and brother. Together with poems and elegies on his death, by divers ministers in the city of London. The second edition, wherein sundry errata's in the former, by reason of the printers haste, and the authors absence, are amended. Many other poems and elegies are also added.

City of Publication
printed for Ralph Smith, at the Bible in Cornhill, neer the Royall Exchange, 1654
Year Published
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), A3962; ESCT Citation R38633
[8], 90, [2] p.; 4⁰.
Scripture Text
John 11:11
Date Preached
June 6, 1654

Funeral of Jeremiah Whitaker