Felo de se, or The bishops condemned out of their own mouthes

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Felo de se, or The bishops condemned out of their own mouthes: confessing their politick devices, and unjust practices, to settle and maintain their lordly dignities and private interests, to the impoverishing and ruine of the nations wherein such idle and unprofitable drones are suffered to domineer. In a familiar discourse betwen [sic] the said bishops and their tenants: begun in 1660, the year of their unhappy resurrection, and continued to this present year 1668. Published for information of the people, who groan to be delivered from that yoke of bondage, which neither they nor their fathers were able to bear. By a mourner for the poor nations, that are enslaved under prelatical tyranny, and one that was once of this black-fac'd hierarchy (as Luther was of the Popish) but is now wonderfully delivered from them.

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n.p. Printed in the year of hope. 1668.
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), F1512; ESTC Citation R6792
44 p.; 4⁰.