Certaine select cases resolved

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Certaine select cases resolved: specially tending to the comfort of beleevers, in their chiefe and usuall temptations: 1. The case of desertion,, [sic] or walking in darknesse. The Cause. Remedies. 2. How to discerne answers to our prayers. 3. The case resolved, whether after sound repentance a child of God may fall into the same sin. 4. How it is to be understood, that every beleever bringeth forth all his fruit in Christ. 5. How to discerne our growth in grace Herertofore all published in three treatises, 1 A child of light walking in darknesse. 2 Return of prayers. 3 Tryall of growth. But now re-printed, and to be put together. With other divine tractates. By Tho: Goodwin, B.D.

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printed for R[obert]. Dawlman, 1644
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Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), G1226A; ESTC Citation R40488
[18], 239, [1] p.; 4⁰.