A most grave, and modest confutation

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A most grave, and modest confutation of the errors of the sect, commonly called Brownists, or: Seperatists. Agreed upon long since by the joynt consent of sundry, godly, and learned ministers of this kingdome, then standing out and suffering in the cause of inconformity; and now published in a time of need, for the good of Gods Church, and the better setling of mens unstable mindes in the truth against, the subtile insinuations, and plausible pretences of that pernicious evill. Published by W. Rathband, minister of the Gospell

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printed for Edward Brewster, and George Badger, and are to be sold at the Bible, on Fleet-Bridge, and in Saint Dunstanes Church-Yard
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Wing (2nd ed.), R299; Sabin, 67948; Thomason, E.31[11]; ESTC Citation R209828
[22], 71, [1] p.; 4⁰.