A discourse of disputations chiefly concerning matters of religion

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A discourse of disputations chiefly concerning matters of religion, with animadversions on two printed books, (mentioned in the contents following next after the epistles:) the latter whereof, at the request of Dr. John Bryan, (for censure and advice) being seriously perused; the author of it, John Onley, is thereupon convinced of error, slander, and of arrogant, uncivill, and unchristian miscarriage, not onely towards him, but all the reformed churches of the world, out of the way of his most affected singularity. By John Ley, rector of the church of Solyhull in Warwicksh. Whereto is added a consolatory letter to Dr. Bryan, &c. upon the death of his worthily well-beloved and much bewailed son Mr. Nathaniel Bryan: which immediately followeth after the discourse of disputations.

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printed for Nath: Webb and Will: Grantham, at the black Bear in St. Pauls Church-yard, over against the little north door, M DC LVIII.
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed.), L1877; Thomason, E.938[1]; Thomason, E.938[2]; ESTC Citation R205182
[20], 126 p.; 4⁰.