from C. B. Van Dixhoorn, ed. The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly, 1643-1652 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), vol. 1:182–184.

The assembly formed its standing committees by dividing the list of names in its summoning ordinance into three equal parts.


* Conjectural committee appointment.

[ ] Brackets indicate that the appointee did not attend the assembly

Member died before 1649.

First Committee

Theodore Bathurst

Samuel Bolton*

Oliver Bowles

William Bridge

[Ralph Brownrigg, DD]

Cornelius Burges, DD

[Richard Capel]

John Carter

Thomas Case

Peter Clark

Thomas Coleman

Philippé Delmé*

Thomas Ford*

[Hannibal Gamon]

Thomas Goodwin

William Gouge, DD

Stanley Gower

John Greene

Charles Herle

Richard Heyrick

Gasper Hickes

Joshua Hoyle, DD

Robert Johnston*

John Ley

[Richard Love, DD]

Stephen Marshall

William Mew

Philip Nye

Henry Painter(moved from the third committee by 2 Nov. 1643)

Herbert Palmer

Edward Peale

[John Pyne]

William Rathbone

William Rayner

Obadiah Sedgwick

Peter Smith, DD

William Strong*

Francis Taylor

Anthony Tuckney

Thomas Valentine

[Samuel Ward, DD]

[Francis Whiddon]

[Thomas Whincop, DD]

John White

Henry Wilkinson the elder

Thomas Wilson

Second Committee

John Arrowsmith

Thomas Baylie

John Bond

Jeremiah Burroughs

Richard Byfield*

Edmund Calamy

William Carter

Joseph Caryl

Daniel Cawdrey

Humphrey Chambers

Richard Clayton

[Francis Coke]

John Conant

Edward Corbet (of Merton)

Edward Corbet (of Norfolk)*

Robert Crosse

Calybute Downing, LLD

John Durie*

Daniel Featley, DD

John Foxcraft

George Gibbs

Samuel Gibson

Henry Hall

[John Harris, DD]

Robert Harris

[Samuel Hildersham]

Thomas Hill

[Henry Hutton]

John Jackson

John Langley

John Lightfoot

[George Morley]

[Henry Nye]

John Phillips

Benjamin Pickering

Edward Reynolds

[Robert Sanderson, DD]

Henry Scudder

Lazarus Seaman

Edmund Staunton, DD

Matthias Stiles, DD

John Strickland

Thomas Thorowgood

Christopher Tisdale

[James Ussher, DD]

George Walker

Jeremiah Whitaker

Thomas Young

Third Committee

Simeon Ashe

[Richard Buckley]

Anthony Burgess

Thomas Carter

Francis Cheynell

[Thomas Clendon]*

[William Dunning]

[John Earle]

[Edward Ellis]

Thomas Gataker

John Gibbon

William Good

William Greenhill

[John Hacket, DD]

[Henry Hammond, DD]

Humphrey Hardwick

Thomas Hodges

[Richard Holdsworth, DD]

[William Launce]

[William Lyford]

Jean de la Marche

John Maynard

Thomas Micklethwaite

[William Moreton]

Matthew Newcomen

[William Nicholson]

Henry Painter (returned to the third committee by 15. Feb. 1644)

[Christopher Parsley, DD]

Andrew Perne

Samuel de la Place

William Price

Nicholas Prophet

Arthur Sallaway

[Josias Shute]

Sidrach Simpson

William Spurstow

Peter Sterry

Thomas Temple, DD

Henry Tozer

Richard Vines

John Ward*

James Welby

Thomas Westfield, DD

John Whincop, DD

Henry Wilkinson the younger

Francis Woodcock