The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly 1643-1652 (5 vol.). Chad Van Dixhoorn ed. Oxford University Press, 2012.

  • A unique resource bringing together the minutes and accompanying papers of the Westminster Assembly along with scholarly apparatus
  • Brief introductions punctuate the minutes and papers of the assembly providing historical context
  • Marginal scripture notes explain the content and flow of the assembly’s debates
  • Footnotes identify persons, texts, and places refered to in the speeches
  • Clear layout containing extensive cross referencing, with a reader’s guide and extensive indices to aid navagability

Volume 1
I: Summoning an Assembly
II: The Reformation at Westminster
III: The Westminster Assembly at Work
IV: The Text of the Minutes and Papers
V: Conclusion: The Reception and Legacy of the Westminster Assembly
Reader’s Guide
Biographical Dictionary
Register of Citations in the Minutes and Papers
Volume 2
Votes of the Assembly
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Table of Plenary Sessions
Calendar of Assembly Papers
Scripture Index
Subject Index
Place Index
Person Index