Members of the clergy (England and Wales)
John Arrowsmith (1602-1659); Norfolk
Simeon Ashe (d. 1662); Cardigan, Wales
Theodore Bathurst (c.1587-1652); Huntingdonshire
Thomas Baylie (1581/2-1663); Wiltshire
John Bond (1612-1676); Oxford University
Samuel Bolton (1605/6-1654); Middlesex
Oliver Bowles (c. 1577-1644); Bedfordshire
William Bridge (1600/01-1671); Cumberland
Anthony Burgess (d. 1664); Warwickshire
Cornelius Burges (d. 1665); Hertfordshire
Jeremiah Burroughs (bap. 1601?, d. 1646); Middlesex
Adoniram Byfield (d. 1660); Non-voting scribe
Richard Byfield (bap. 1598, d. 1664); Surrey
Edmund Calamy (1600-1666); London
John Carter (d. 1645/6); Yorkshire
Thomas Carter (b. c. 1585); unspecified
William Carter (1605-1658); Northumberland
Joseph Caryl (1602-1673); London
Thomas Case (bap. 1598- d. 1682); Cheshire
Daniel Cawdrey (1587/8-1664); Monmouthshire
Humphrey Chambers (bap. 1599?, d. 1662); Somerset
Francis Cheynell (bap. 1608, d. 1665); Pembroke, Wales
Peter Clark (b. c. 1606); Yorkshire
Richard Clayton (1597-1671); Leicestershire
Thomas Coleman (1597/8-1646); Lincolnshire
John Conant (1608-1694); Somerset
Edward Corbet (b. 1590/1); Westmoreland
Edward Corbet (1601×3-1658); Shropshire
Robert Crosse (1604/5-1683); Oxfordshire
Jean de la Marche (1585-1651); Is. of Guernsey
Samuel de la Place (1576/7-1658); Is. of Jersey
Philippé Delmé (d. 1653); unspecified
John Dury (1596-1680); Middlesex
Daniel Featley (1582-1645); Surrey
Thomas Ford (1598-1674); Bedfordshire
John Foxcraft (1595-1662); Nottinghamshire
Hannibal Gammon (bap. 1582, d. 1650/51); Cornwall
Thomas Gataker (1574-1654); Carnarven, Wales
John Gibbon (b. c. 1587); unspecified
George Gibbs (c. 1590-1654); Leicestershire
Samuel Gibson (b. c. 1580); Rutland
William Good (b. 1600); unspecified
Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680); Cambridgeshire
William Gouge (1575-1653); Derbyshire
Stanley Gower (bap. 1600?, d. 1660); Herefordshire
John Greene (fl. 1641-1647); Herefordshire
William Greenhill (1597/8-1671); Durham
Henry Hall (c. 1604-1644); Westmoreland
Humphrey Hardwick (b. 1602); unspecified
Robert Harris (1580/1-1658); Oxfordshire
Charles Herle (1598-1659); Lancashire
Richard Herrick (1600-1667); Lancashire
Gasper Hickes (1605-1677); Cornwall
Thomas Hill (d. 1653); Northamptonshire
Thomas Hodges (c. 1600-1672); unspecified
Joshua Hoyle (bap. 1588, d. 1654); Cumberland
John Jackson (1600-1648); Northumberland
Robert Johnston (d. 1670); Yorkshire
John Langley (d. 1657); Hampshire
John Ley (1584-1662); Cheshire
John Lightfoot (1602-1675); Staffordshire
Stephen Marshall (1594/5-1655); Essex
John Maynard (1600-1665): Sussex
William Mew (1602-1659); Gloucestershire
Thomas Micklethwaite; unspecified
Matthew Newcomen (d. 1669); unspecified
Philip Nye (bap. 1595, d. 1672); Huntingdonshire
Henry Painter (c. 1583-1644); unspecified
Herbert Palmer (1601-1647); Bedforshire
Edward Peale (1583-1645); Dorsetshire
Andrew Perne (c. 1595-1654); unspecified
John Philips (c. 1585-1663); Suffolk
Benjamin Pickering (fl. 1620-1649); Sussex
William Price (d. 1666); unspecified
Nicholas Proffet (c. 1599-1669); unspecified
William Rathbone (d. 1644); Monmouthshire
William Rayner (c. 1595-1666); Berkshire
Edward Reynolds (1599-1676); Northamptonshire
Henry Roborough (d. 1649); Non-voting scribe
Arthur Sallaway (b. 1606); Worcestshire
Henry Scudder (d. 1652); Wiltshire
Lazarus Seaman (d. 1675); London
Obadiah Sedgwick (1599/1600-1658); Essex
Sidrach Simpson (c. 1600-1655); Worcestershire
Peter Smith (1586-1653); Hertfordshire
William Spurstowe (d. 1666); Merioneth, Wales
Edmund Staunton (1600-1671); Surrey
Peter Sterry (1613-1672); unspecified
John Strickland (bap. 1601?, d. 1670); Cambridge University
William Strong (d. 1654); Dorsetshire
Matthias Stiles (1591-1652); Oxford University
Francis Taylor (1589-1656); Kent
Thomas Temple (c. 1601-1661); Brednock, Wales
Christopher Tisdale (1592-1655); Hampshire
Thomas Thorowgood (c. 1595-1669); Norfolk
Henry Tozer (c. 1601-1650); Glamorgan, Wales
Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670); Lincolnshire
William Twisse (1577/8-1646); Berkshire
Thomas Valentine (1586-1665); Buckinghamshire
Richard Vines (1599/1600-1656); Warwickshire
George Walker (bap. 1582?, d. 1651); London
John Wallis (1616-1703); Non-voting scribe
John Ward (d. 1665); unspecified
James Welby (fl. 1643-1649); Denbyshire, Wales
Thomas Westfield (1573-1644); unspecified
Jeremiah Whitaker (1599-1654); Rutland
John White (1575-1648); Dorsetshire
Henry Wilkinson Jr (1610-1675); unspecified
Henry Wilkinson Sr (1566-1647); Buckinghamshire
Thomas Wilson (c. 1601-1653); Kent
John Wincop (c. 1602-1647); unspecified
Francis Woodcock (1614-1649×51); Durham
Thomas Young (c. 1587-1655); Suffolk

Members of the House of Lords
Howard Edward, first Baron Howard of Escrick (d. 1675)
Robert Deveroux, third earl of Essex (1591-1646)
Edward Montagu, second earl of Manchester (1602-1671)
Philip Herbert, first earl of Montgomery and fourth earl of Pembroke (1584-1650)
Algeron Percy, tenth earl of Northumberland (1602-1668)
William Cecil, second earl of Salisbury (1591-1668)
William Fiennes, first Viscount Saye and Sele (1582-1662)
Robert Rich, second earl of Warwick (1587-1658)
Philip Wharton, fourth Baron Wharton (1613-1696)

Members of the House of Commons
Sir Thomas Barrington, second baronet (c.1585-1644)
John Clotworthy, first Viscount Massereene (d. 1665)
John Cook (bap. 1608, d. 1660)
Sir John Evelyn (1601-1685)
Nathaniel Fiennes (1607/8-1669)
Sir Gilbert Gerard (1587-1670)
Sir John Glynne (1603-1666)
Sir Robert Harley (bap. 1579, d. 1656)
Sir Arthur Hesilrige, second baronet (1601-1661)
William Masham (1615/16-1654/5)
Sir John Maynard (1604-1690)
William Pierrepont (1607/8-1678)
Edmund Prideaux (1601-1659)
Sir Robert Pye (bap. 1585, d. 1662)
John Pym (1584-1643)
Sir Robert Reynolds (1600/01-1678)
Francis Rous (1580/81-1659)
Sir Benjamin Rudyerd (1572-1658)
Oliver St John (c.1598-1673)
Humphrey Salwey (c.1575-1652)
John Selden (1584-1654)
William Strode (bap. 1594, d. 1645)
Sir Henry Vane, Jr. (1613-1662)
Sir Henry Vane, Sr. (1589-1655)
William Wheeler (c. 1601 – 1666)
John White (1590-1645)
Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-1675)
Zouch Tate (1606-1650)

Church of Scotland ministers
Robert Baillie (1602-1662); Scottish Commissioner
George Gillespie (1613-1648); Scottish Commissioner
Alexander Henderson (c.1583-1646); Scottish Commissioner
Samuel Rutherford (c. 1600-1661); Scottish Commissioner

Scottish elders
Archibald Campbell, marquess of Argyll (1605×7-1661)
John Elphinstone, second Lord Balmerino (d. 1649)
Sir Charles Erskine of Alva (d. 1663)
John Maitland, duke of Lauderdale (1616-1682)
Sir Archibald Johnston, Lord Wariston (bap. 1611, d. 1663)
John Campbell, first earl of Loudoun (1598-1662)
George Winram, of Liberton, Lord Liberton (d. 1650)

This list includes all persons who are known to have attended the Westminster Assembly as members or commissioners. It includes all known designations by county for English and Welsh clergy.