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A briefe catecheticall exposition of Christian doctrine (1632) by William Twisse
A candle lighted at the lampe of sacred scriptures (1627) by Richard Byfield
A catechisme, containing a short exposition of the points in the ordinary catechisme (1624) by Henry Wilkinson, Sr.
A copy of some papers past at Oxford (1647) by Francis Cheynell
A copy of some papers past at Oxford (1647) by Henry Hammond
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A short catechisme: being a briefe instruction of the most ignorant, before the receiving of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper (1647) by Obadiah Sedgwick
A view of some exceptions to the practical catechisme (1650) by Henry Hammond
Chillingvvorthi novissima (1644) by Francis Cheynell
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Questions extracted out of the ordinance of Parliament to be propounded to receivers of the Lords Supper (1648) by Edward Reynolds
Selfe-examination required in every one, for the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper (1646) by Daniel Cawdrey
The Christian mans care. A sermon on Matth. 6. 33 (1624) by Thomas Gataker
The grovnds and principles of religion, contained in a shorter catechism (1646) by Westminster Assembly
The svmme of saving knovvledge: deliuered in a catechisme (1626) by Daniel Featley