Primary Sources ~ Church government

Episcopal and Presbyterial government conjoyned (1679) by James Ussher
Five propositions to the Kings Majesty and the army (1647) by Henry Hammond
His Majesties concessions to the bill of abolition of arch-bishops and bishops, &c. stated and considered. (1648) by Richard Vines
Irenicum; or, An essay towards a brotherly peace & union, between those of the congregational and presbyterian way (1659) by Matthew Newcomen
New propositions propounded at the Kings royall court at Holmby, betwixt the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, and Mr. Marshall and Mr. Caryll concerning the presbyteriall government, the Booke of Common-Prayer, and the directory (1647) by Stephen Marshall
Of the constitution, right, order, and government of the churches of Christ (1696) by Thomas Goodwin
Of the povver of the keyes (1647) by Henry Hammond
Prelacie is miserie (1641) by Robert Baillie
Reasons shewing the necessity of reformation of the publick (1660) by Cornelius Burges
Reformation of church-government in Scotland, cleered from some mistakes and prejudices, by the Commissioners (1644) by Alexander Henderson
Severall tracts (1646) by Henry Hammond
The beauty of magistracy (1697) by John Foxcroft
The broken title of episcopal inheritance (1642) by Cornelius Burges
The cleere antithesis or diametrall opposition betweene presbytery and prelacy (1644) by Calybute Downing
The divine right of church-government and excommunication (1646) by Samuel Rutherford
The due right of presbyteries (1644) by Samuel Rutherford
The first centvry of scandalous, malignant priests, made and admitted into benefices by the prelates, in whose hands the ordination of ministers and government of the Church hath been (1643) by John White
The form of church-government to be used in the Church of England and Ireland (1648) by Parliament
The government and order of the Church of Scotland (1641) by Alexander Henderson
The inconsistencie of the independent way, with scripture, and it self (1651) by Daniel Cawdrey