Primary Sources ~ Other

A short treatise describing the true church of Christ, and the evills of schisme, anabaptism and libertinism (1653) by Richard Byfield
A sparke toward the kindling of sorrow for Sion. A meditation on Amos 6. 6 (1621) by Thomas Gataker
A spiritual warning for times of war (1701) by Philip Delme
A support for the sinking heart in times of distresse (1642) by Simeon Ashe
A tossed ship making to safe harbor, or, A word in season to a sinking kingdome. (1644) by Samuel Bolton
A treatise of self-judging, in order to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper (1658) by Anthony Burgess
A treatise of the institution, right administration and receiving of the sacrament of the Lords-Supper. (1657) by Richard Vines
Abrahams decease. A meditation on Genesis 25.8 (1627) by Thomas Gataker
Absaloms funerall (1611) by Robert Harris
Aggravation of sinne: and sinning against knowledge (1637) by Thomas Goodwin
An anniversarie memoriall of Englands deliuery from the Spanish inuasion (1626) by Thomas Gataker
An expository comment, doctrinal, controversal and practical upon the whole first chapter to the second epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians. (1661) by Anthony Burgess
Asarkokaukēma, or The vanity, of glorying in the flesh, open’d in a sermon preached at the funeral of Kingsmel Lucy (1655) by Thomas Case
Balme from Gilead, to cure all diseases, especially the plague (1626) by Henry Roborough
Bridge’s remains, being VIII sermons (1673) by William Bridge
Certaine sermons, first preached, and after published at severall times (1637) by Thomas Gataker
Christ a Christians onely gain: or, The excellency and desireableness of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, above all other things whatsoever (1661) by Richard Vines
Christ and the covenant the work and way of meditation (1667) by William Bridge
Christ and the doves heavenly salutations, with their pleasant conference together (1660) by Samuel Rutherford
Christ dying and drawing sinners to himselfe (1647) by Samuel Rutherford