Timon Cline has been appointed a Research Fellow of the Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Mr. Cline is a graduate of Rutgers Law School (J.D.), Westminster Theological Seminary (M.A.R.), and Wright State University (B.S.). He is currently a law clerk at the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General, Division of Law. He has served as an associate editor on the Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion and a managing editor of Law and Philosophy, as well as written for American Mind, Aero Magazine, Mere Orthodoxy, National Review, and the American Spectator.

Currently, he is working on a study of Protestant political theory in seventeenth-century New England as well as an examination of the uniquely Christocentric natural law theory of Thomas Goodwin in his historic, ecclesiastic, and polemical context.

Chad Van Dixhoorn, director of the Center, notes that “the Center is delighted to be supporting Mr. Cline’s research and eagerly anticipates receiving the first fruits of his research during the November Craig Seminar on church and state matters in seventeenth-century New England.”

The November Craig Seminar will be held on November 18, 2021 at 4:30 pm at the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary. The event will also be live-streamed through the Zoom link here.

Craig Center Research Fellows retain their fellowship for the duration of their project. The fellowship is accompanied by a modest research grant.

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