Dr Alison Searle has been appointed a Research Fellow of the Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards.

Dr Searle is Associate Professor of Textual Studies at the University of Leeds. She is also the co-general editor of The Complete Correspondence of Richard Baxter (forthcoming in nine volumes with Oxford University Press) and is currently working on an AHRC-funded research project titled “Pastoral Care, Literary Cure and Religious Dissent: Zones of Freedom in the British Atlantic (c.1630-1720).”

Chad Van Dixhoorn, director of the Center, notes that “Fellows of the Craig Center are appointed on the merits of their own research, or because their scholarly endeavors advance the aims of the center as a whole. Dr Searle’s contribution is evident in her capacity as an expert editorial advisor for a new edition of Samuel Rutherford’s letters, volume 12 in a projected 13 volume edition of the Scottish theologian’s works.”

Craig Center Research Fellows retain their fellowship for the duration of their project. The fellowship is accompanied by a modest research grant.

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