Dr John Bower has been appointed a Research Fellow of the Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards. Dr Bower is a main inspiration behind the Westminster Assembly Project, the editor of The Larger Catechism: A Critical Text and Introduction (2010) and the author of the forthcoming The Westminster Confession of Faith: A Historical Introduction and Critical Text. Dr Bower also co-edits a series of Westminster Assembly-related monographs and a series of principal documents of the Westminster Assembly.

Dr Chad Van Dixhoorn, director of the Center, notes that “Fellows of the Craig Center are appointed on the merits of their own research, or because their scholarly endeavors advance the aims of the center as a whole. Their focus will ordinarily be on the Westminster Assembly and its contexts, writings, members, or legacy. Dr Bower’s work does all of this and more.”

Craig Center Research Fellows retain their fellowship for the duration of their project. Craig Center Short Term Fellows are appointed for one year. Dr Bower has been appointed as a Research Fellow. The fellowship is accompanied by a small research grant to be allocated towards research or publication expenses.

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